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Join our exclusive monthly subscription club that offers our members luxury custom suits, shoes, bags and more straight from the manufacturers at flat rate, wholesale and transparent pricing with the lowest sustainable markups possible; unmatched by traditional retail stores.

Members enjoy $597 suits for only $249.

Screw The Middleman...Buy Straight From The Factory!

What Is Flat Rate, Wholesale, Transparent Pricing?

Our members know what we pay for the product and what the suggested retail price should be for that product so they can make an educated decision on purchasing every product in our store.

See the example here:

This tuxedo cost $229 to purchase from the manufacturer. We sell that suit to our members for only $299.00; that's only a $70 markup on a luxury, high quality custom suit. Most retail stores would sell this tuxedo for $687.

Memberships Include These Two Free Gifts


$69 Value


$29 Value

Over $98 worth of value! Membership

3 month minimum
$ 29 a month
  • Wholesale pricing on all products
  • All online builders included
  • Personal stylist included
  • Measurement app included
  • Handmade Pocket Square
  • Fancy Lapel Pin
  • Luxury Gift Box
  • First class customer service
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How Your Membership Works

#1 Sign Up

This is a members only site. You must Log In to see the add to cart button to make purchases.

#2 Get Your Measurements

Use our mobile app to get measured. Simply download the free app, get measured and email us your measurements; all from the comfort of your home.

#3 Customize / Shop

Book your first appointment with your stylist to customize your garments, shoes, bags, etc. Or Shop our exclusive collections in the members only section.

#4 Fast Turnaround

Only 2 week turnaround on most suits, shirts and shoes. Only 4 week turnaround on bags, belts and specialty shoes. Plus we have expedite service available!

Our Happy Members

Cecil Robles

Hey guys! I just wanted to give a shout out to my boys over at I've been using them now for several months and I got to say that I'm super please with not only the service but the quality of the product and the merchandise...

Brian Merchant

I got my first two pair of shoes today, WOW! Amazing! I can't believe I got both of these for under $400. My brother just got a pair of $1000 shoes and he's jealous of my shoes. Definitely recommending you guys!

Peter Apostol

I'm turning into a suit junkie. I have already ordered 3 suits. Now I just ordered 2 new suit jackets and I'm thinking about ordering a tuxedo for a fundraiser next month. Your prices are too good. I can't stop ordering!

Nick Jagoe

I'm a golf pro and I need to look good for my clients so I decided to try out a pair of the custom golf shoes. Needless to say, all my clients are blown away. Great job guys!

Frequently Asked Questions

No! We sell our suits, shirts, shoes, etc. to our members at cost. We cut out the middle man. Our prices are your prices. If the manufacturer charges us $200 for a suit, we charge you around $249. Our only source of revenue is our membership fees.

No! We sell our suits, shirts, shoes, etc. to our members at cost. If we don't get our membership fees, we can't stay in business. If we can't stay in business, you can't get $1000 suits for $200!

You can only buy suit, shoes, bags, etc. for your close friends and family. If you would like to sell our merchandise to make money on the side, you will need to upgrade to the authorized reseller membership. It only cost $49 a month.

Yes, we have several forms of customer service. We have online chat, email, phone and video call forms of customer service. You need service? We got you covered!

I you just purchase 1 suit a year, it covers your yearly membership. Remember, without the membership fees, we would be out of business! Help us stay in business so we can help guys like you get $1000 suits for only $200.

Our return policy is simple. These are custom products. We do not offer returns. We give everyone a $50 alteration credit (if needed). If more alteration credits are needed, we may offer more (at our discretion).

Our refund policy is simple. These are custom products. We do not offer refunds.

We give everyone a $50 alteration credit (if needed). If more alteration credits are needed, we may offer more (at our discretion).

Our only source of revenue is our membership fees. Without them, we would be out of business and we wouldn't be able to pass on the savings to you and our members.

Our customizing platform is easy to use but we give you a stylist to build your suit for you. This assures that everything is done properly for you and takes away the burden of leaning our platform. Simply schedule an online appointment and one of our stylist will meet with you to create your suit. Easy!

Currently the only way to build custom shoes is with one of our stylist. Simply schedule a time convenient for you. One of our stylist will meet with you to help you build your new shoes. It's simple and fun!

Not right now. Maybe in the future. We need our stylist to help you customize your suit to ensure that everything is correct. This helps to put your mind and our mind at ease.

All of our merchandise is handmade and customized just for you so most of our garments only take about 14-18 days.

Note: We do have expedite service available. (10 days or less)

Our shoes, boots, bags, belts and other leather goods are handmade in Spain with only the finest leathers from our Italian tannery owned by Hermes so basically you are getting a $5000 Hermes bag for only $600. Is the Hermes label really worth $4400? Our luxury leather items take about 30 days.

Note: We do have some shoes that are available with 2 weeks.

Yes, we have expedite service available for all garments and most basic shoes. Simply let your stylist know that you want it expedited and they will adjust your cart total. (expedite fees are $20-$30)

Right now we have two amazing free gifts. You will either receive one of our handmade pocket square and a lapel pin. All valued at over $117 so basically your first 4-5 months are free.