Couture Line

We are excited to launch our new women's couture line. Flat & Heel shoes for women, entirely customizable, made to order, and handmade in Spain.

We start with 6 heel styles and 3 flat styles. Heels can be ordered in two different heel styles: 3 inches (7cm) or 4 inches (10cm). Also, you can choose between two heel styles: Bottier (sleek silhouette) and cuban (wider). Additionally, you can choose between a variety of accessories for the vamp like: Butterfly Lace, Vamp Strap, Coin, Bow and Oval.

However, we will be adding a lot of new features, customizing options and whole new styles to the Women’s Couture line during the upcoming weeks, for instance: hand made patina, burnishing, laser engraving and stencil art. Stay tuned!